teaching English-style teaching method led by Ioanna Karpouza

teaching English-style teaching method led by Ioanna Karpouza


classes Special classes for boys and adults led by Ioanna Karpouza

classes Special classes for boys and adults led by Ioanna Karpouza

childrenBaby Ballet(3-4 years old) musical kinesis and creative dance

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are taught musical-kinetic education which prepares children to be integrated into ballet …

adultsAdult Balletorthosomy

Either you once took ballet classes or this your first time, it is never too late to start taking ballet …

children & adultsRAD BalletThe art of dancing that truly endures and teaches discipline!

One of the primary objectives of ballet is discipline. Without it, it is impossible for a …..

children & adultsModern Dancemodern dance ISTD

Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style rooted in Musical Theatre, which originated in America. It is often seen in musical productions and is known for its dynamic theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. The system of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance also incorporates jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance styles into its examination syllabus …

children & adultsContemporary 
Dancemodern dance CDA & ISTD

Contemporary dance emerged as a form of rebellion against the strict rules of ballet. It focuses on the personal interpretation of the dancer and not on specifically structured steps like in ballet

children & adultsDance Pilatesstrengthening

Dance Pilates is a complementary genre of training which aims to exercise deep muscles. Concretely, it strengthens the core, resulting in a strong and straight torso and a very good balance, elements essential to the dancer …

children & adultsStretching Methodsor stretches

Stretching is a form of exercises that can lead to an increase in flexibility and elasticity of muscles. These exercises keep the muscles flexible before and after training, prepare the whole body for movement, help the body pass from the state of rest to action on a daily basis and therefore injuries are avoided …

children & adultsFloor Barre Zena Rommett

The Floor Barre ™ was created in 1960 by Zena Rommett. It is a technique which helps dancer refine the body alignment and release tension throughout the body.
It strengthens the muscles and joints, rehabilitates and prevents injuries and addresses to people of all ages …